Metal tongue drum

Metal tongue drum

This metal tongue drum is a very unique percussion instrument. It is able to produce such a great and mystical tones. It feels like magic songs to the souls. Many of our clients and distributors have enjoyed this percussion instrument. Make your order now.

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Bali Treasures, Drum factory-Bali is a largest hand drum manufacturer. We have been founded almost 2 decades ago. Our core products are wooden djembe and PVC djembe, cajon and many percussion.

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Dimensions 28 x 19 x 28 cm

8 Leafs Green Doff, 8 Leafs Green, 8 Leafs Orange, 8 Leafs Red, 8 Leafs Marley, 8 Leafs Blue Bubble, 8 Leafs Flat Red, 8 Leafs Grey Dots, 8 Leafs Bali, 8 Leafs Red Doff, 8 Leafs Yellow Splash, 8 Leafs Grey Splash, 8 Leafs Maroon, 8 Leafs Purple Splash, 9 Leafs Brown, 9 Leafs Black, 9 Leafs Blue, 9 Leafs Red Splash, 9 Leafs Tree, 9 Leafs Butterfly, 9 Leafs Indian, 9 Leafs Green Splash


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